TAO CI Project

The TAO CI Project is a collaborative project dedicated to defining the concept denoted by Chinese ceramics vessel terms. The purpose of TAO CI project is to provide a model of publishing open data for museum and link data of the Chinese ceramics and build a multi-linguistics e-dictionary of Chinese ceramics to communicate with archeologists in the world.

The TAO CI project is based on the ISO 704 and ISO 1087 to develop this model. It is an interdisciplinary project, which is related to Archeology (Cultural Heritage),Linguistic (Terminology),Artificial Intelligence (Knowledge Representation), Semantic Web (Linked Data). The methodology of the TAO CI project is the ontoterminology that is a terminology whose conceptual system is a formal ontology.

Scientific Committe

The scientific committe is based on the KETRC (Knowledge Engineering & Terminology Research Center) research center, which is set up in 2017 between Liaocheng University (China) and University Savoie Mont-Blanc (France).

  • Christophe Roche (France)
  • Tong Wei (China)
  • Yangli Jia (China)
  • Papadopoulou Maria (Greece)
  • Julien Roche (France)
  • Zhenling Zhang (China)

Papers and Presentations



The TAO CI project was funded by China Schoolarship Council from November 2017 to November 2020.

Collaborating Institutions


The Condillac Group of LISTIC Lab of University Savoie Mont-Blanc


The School of Computer Science of Liao Cheng University

Condillac group

KETRC(Knowledge Engineering Terminology Research Center)